(2007/2008) / 31’

For Five Soloists**

Counter Tenor, Trumpet, Violoncello, Accordion and Electric Guitar

Commissioned by WDR Cologne, Klangspuren Festival Schwaz and Ensemble Contrechamps

First performed 26 April 2008, Wittener Tage für Neue Kammermusik, by Kai Wessel (counter tenor), Marco Blaauw (trumpet), Adrian Pereyra (electric guitar), Éric-Maria Couturier (violoncello), Teodoro Anzellotti (accordion)

CD: WDR3 Wittener Tage für neue Kammermusik 2008

EP 12556

Program Notes:

"In dark and silence to close as if to light the eyes and hear a sound.

Some object moving from its place to its last place.

Some soft thing softly stirring soon to stir no more. To darkness visible to close the eyes and hear if only that.

Some soft thing softly stirring soon to stir no more. By the voice a faint light is shed. Dark lightens while it sounds.

Deepens when it ebbs. Lightens with flow back to faint full. Is whole again when it ceases.

Light infinitely faint it is true since now no more than a mere murmur."

Samuel Beckett: Company. 1980, John Calder Publisher, London.


With my thanks to Kai Wessel, Marco Blaauw, Teodor Anzellotti, Eric-Maria Couturier and Adrian Pereyra.