(2013) / 17’

For Solo Violoncello

Commissioned by the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival with funds from Diaphonique/Franco-British Fund for Contemporary Music, Südwestrundfunk & Fundación BBVA Bilbao

First performed 19 November 2013, St. Pauls Hall, hcmf//, by Séverine Ballon

CD: AECD 1647

EP 14060 

Absent, silent, sole,

Naught beside.

Solitaire, Santon, pariah,


Either, neither, solus,



A state or quality of being along, solitary or remote.

Implies the absence of all others: inaccessibility, withdrawal, seclusion, isolation.

A state of separation.

A lonely or secluded place: wilderness, waste, desert, emptiness, wasteland.

In silence, vacuous and devoid.